Holistic Recovery Centers (HRC)

Good evening, Crusaders. Within the South Florida substance abuse treatment industry, it has become extraordinarily difficult to find establishments that do not value their profit margins more than the lives and well-being of their clients. Marketers and facility employees are providing illicit substances for clients and facilitating their use of drugs and alcohol, bribing potential clients with money and material goods, indiscriminately shoveling kids who may need case-specific, individualized attention through the cycle of detox, PHP, and halfway over and over again, and causing the deaths of addicts seeking help through their own greed and negligence. So let’s take a look at one facility that fits this mold.

Holistic Recovery Centers is a treatment facility located in North Miami Beach. It is owned by Adam Adler, professional poker player turned negligent client harvester. Adam and his facility work with a number of shady marketers and centers to complete the detox-treatment-halfway circuit and have shown time and time again that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to gain and retain access to insurance benefits. Testimonies from former clients and affiliated marketers include stories of clients being bought Jordans and other goods in exchange for attendance at treatment, per-client payments, and fraud.

Adam Adler.

To obtain clients for their program, HRC utilizes an in-house call center which is housed on the third floor of the facility and has been managed by multiple people over time, such as Dru Abbott. This call center, registered with the state as Ace Marketing LLC (and listed at the same address as HRC despite the different address on the paychecks they issue), employs a number of marketers who are paid an hourly wage plus bonus commission based on how many clients they manage to bring into HRC, which according to Florida’s client brokering laws, is against the law.

Below I have attached an example of two paychecks from the call center with different bonus amounts due to a different number of clients referred. I have also attached an American Express card registered for Ace Marketing directly under HRC owner Adam Adler’s name, to show that Adam is indeed aware of the payment strategies taking place at Ace.


In addition to breaking the brokering laws of the state of Florida in pursuit of quick and significant profit, Adam Adler and HRC will seize any chance they can to send addicts to an affiliated detox program, and in turn receive a kickback and even more money when the client admits/readmits to their PHP. They do this with little regard or concern for the safety of the clients themselves, as evidenced by the death of Nico Scroggy in April of 2015. Nico was a client of HRC, who attended their program but had fallen back into using drugs. People who were close to Nico claim that he was only using crack cocaine at this point in time, despite the fact that upon being dropped at Gardens Wellness Center’s detox facility in Miami by an HRC employee, he was given opioid AND benzodiazepine tapers. Whether due to a combination of his prescribed medications or Gardens’ failure to search clients properly during intake as well as observe them consistently afterwards, Nico overdosed IN DETOX and died. Needless to say, this should never have been allowed to happen.

Finally, I’d like to mention that Adam Adler is not only accountable for involvement in breaking Florida’s brokering laws and treating his clients as dollar signs despite any harm that may come to them, but is also complicit in facilitating potential clients’ substance use or faking the existence of use in order to help them become eligible for detox and also a ticket to a kickback from another facility. Below I have attached a screenshot of a conversation between Adam and one of his marketers, where he suggests a way for the marketer to get alcohol to a client prior to detox, before approving the decision to have the client gargle mouthwash so they will fail a breathalyzer. Anything flies with Adam, as long as it shows up in his bank account.

Folks, the stench of these fetid, putrefying piles of shit disguised as treatment institutions has become overpowering here in South Florida. It permeates our air and infects the establishments which try to remain above board. We may not be able to take them down all at once, but we can certainly make it more difficult for them to operate and make a profit. Hit them where it hurts, Crusaders. Keep fighting the good fight.

7 thoughts on “Holistic Recovery Centers (HRC)”

  1. I’ve used that card do buy black and molds for clients as well as McDonald’s 😂😂 and also I’m one of many who have been threatened by this scum bag Adam Adler!


  2. Before this scam, his shady family ran stock scams. Looks up fuse energy, disgusting, greedy family that should be culled from our great nation.


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  5. My son died 1 day after leaving HRC. I always question
    What went on there… somethings just didn’t add up & sound right..


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