Holistic Recovery Centers (HRC)

Good evening, Crusaders. Within the South Florida substance abuse treatment industry, it has become extraordinarily difficult to find establishments that do not value their profit margins more than the lives and well-being of their clients. Marketers and facility employees are providing illicit substances for clients and facilitating their use of drugs and alcohol, bribing potential clients with money and material goods, indiscriminately shoveling kids who may need case-specific, individualized attention through the cycle of detox, PHP, and halfway over and over again, and causing the deaths of addicts seeking help through their own greed and negligence. So let’s take a look at one facility that fits this mold.

Holistic Recovery Centers is a treatment facility located in North Miami Beach. It is owned by Adam Adler, professional poker player turned negligent client harvester. Adam and his facility work with a number of shady marketers and centers to complete the detox-treatment-halfway circuit and have shown time and time again that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to gain and retain access to insurance benefits. Testimonies from former clients and affiliated marketers include stories of clients being bought Jordans and other goods in exchange for attendance at treatment, per-client payments, and fraud.

Adam Adler.

To obtain clients for their program, HRC utilizes an in-house call center which is housed on the third floor of the facility and has been managed by multiple people over time, such as Dru Abbott. This call center, registered with the state as Ace Marketing LLC (and listed at the same address as HRC despite the different address on the paychecks they issue), employs a number of marketers who are paid an hourly wage plus bonus commission based on how many clients they manage to bring into HRC, which according to Florida’s client brokering laws, is against the law.

Below I have attached an example of two paychecks from the call center with different bonus amounts due to a different number of clients referred. I have also attached an American Express card registered for Ace Marketing directly under HRC owner Adam Adler’s name, to show that Adam is indeed aware of the payment strategies taking place at Ace.


In addition to breaking the brokering laws of the state of Florida in pursuit of quick and significant profit, Adam Adler and HRC will seize any chance they can to send addicts to an affiliated detox program, and in turn receive a kickback and even more money when the client admits/readmits to their PHP. They do this with little regard or concern for the safety of the clients themselves, as evidenced by the death of Nico Scroggy in April of 2015. Nico was a client of HRC, who attended their program but had fallen back into using drugs. People who were close to Nico claim that he was only using crack cocaine at this point in time, despite the fact that upon being dropped at Gardens Wellness Center’s detox facility in Miami by an HRC employee, he was given opioid AND benzodiazepine tapers. Whether due to a combination of his prescribed medications or Gardens’ failure to search clients properly during intake as well as observe them consistently afterwards, Nico overdosed IN DETOX and died. Needless to say, this should never have been allowed to happen.

Finally, I’d like to mention that Adam Adler is not only accountable for involvement in breaking Florida’s brokering laws and treating his clients as dollar signs despite any harm that may come to them, but is also complicit in facilitating potential clients’ substance use or faking the existence of use in order to help them become eligible for detox and also a ticket to a kickback from another facility. Below I have attached a screenshot of a conversation between Adam and one of his marketers, where he suggests a way for the marketer to get alcohol to a client prior to detox, before approving the decision to have the client gargle mouthwash so they will fail a breathalyzer. Anything flies with Adam, as long as it shows up in his bank account.

Folks, the stench of these fetid, putrefying piles of shit disguised as treatment institutions has become overpowering here in South Florida. It permeates our air and infects the establishments which try to remain above board. We may not be able to take them down all at once, but we can certainly make it more difficult for them to operate and make a profit. Hit them where it hurts, Crusaders. Keep fighting the good fight.

Eric Armbruster

Crusaders, within the ever expanding list of breeds and species of scumbag in South Florida, there are several that stand out to me as being particularly pathetic. Somewhere towards the top of this societal hemorrhoid hall of fame are treatment industry workers who use their unearned and undeserved positions of authority to advance their ability to sexually prey on troubled, vulnerable addicts. So tonight I’d like to give you all an example of this sort of predation as well as highlight the cognitive dissonance that occurs within the minds of the ones who propagate it.

I’d like to introduce you all to Eric Armbruster. Eric is a marketer who places clients in treatment centers, profiting independently from his referrals. He does this via call center leads as well as from within CARE’s halfway. It seems I can’t write a single one of these exposures without that godforsaken acronym coming up somewhere. Anyways, Eric has built quite a reputation for himself amongst females who have come into contact with him in the context of treatment placement. And unfortunately, said reputation does not come from his altruistic desire to help them as the leader and mentor he is expected to be as someone coordinating the acquisition of clients for treatment facilities.

Eric is known to regularly flirt with potential clients, be inappropriately suggestive with them in a sexual manner, and even enter the realm of requesting nude photographs and physically sexual relationships. I don’t know about you, Crusaders, but I damn sure don’t want turdslurpers like this douche responsible for the safety and welfare of MY struggling sisters here in South Florida. What kind of person uses his position working for treatment facilities to prey on the sick and suffering for his own arousal and enjoyment?

In addition to his penchant for being inappropriately and unprofessionally sexual with potential clients, Eric Armbruster’s name has also come up several times concerning clients being paid to attend treatment. I don’t have any definitive proof of this happening at this time, and he is at least reluctant to mention money specifically through electronic communications, though he does use language typical of such situations. It’s impossible for me to say, folks. But the suspicion alone, coupled with the sexual advances on girls he deals with in a supposedly professional context, is enough for me to want anybody about whom I give a fraction of a shit to stay as far from him as possible. You all can form your own opinions as well.

As with my last exposure, I feel it’s important to mention that Eric’s claimed association with a facility does not in any way necessarily implicate that facility in being privy to his behaviors which occur out of their sight. I have found nothing about Chiron that has particularly concerned me, and they seem to do genuine good for their clients while maintaining a staff with a reputation for being respectable and dedicated to the well-being of their clients. So I don’t wish to inaccurately or unfairly associate them with the dark side of marketers who may come into contact with them. Though I do hope Chiron, and all other facilities in South Florida, will do a better job of vetting prospective affiliates. Having someone like Eric Armbruster throwing your facility’s name around is not a good look.

Eric contacted me earlier today, after I had posted a comment on someone’s status. The status had been posted by a girl, after Eric made racist and bigoted comments towards her concerning a photo she had posted of herself with two black guys. He had made comments about how he couldn’t speak to her after seeing her in a picture with them, and that maybe they would put her in their “music video” or some stupid shit like that. I posted a comment about Eric living at CARE and was met with a private message from him. I steered the conversation towards his marketing and treatment of females who come to him for help, and instead of immediately denying such behavior (as any treatment worker worth half a shit would have done and done honestly), Eric chose to rationalize and minimize it as well as shift the blame to the girls of whom we spoke. Clearly he does not see anything wrong with his behaviors, so one would have to assume they will continue.


Folks, people like Eric are everywhere. They are termites to our trunks, crabs to our groins, jet fuel to our steel beams. We must work together to stop the progression of their disease within our community here in South Florida. Awareness is key, Crusaders. The truth shall always prevail over falsehood. And the truth is that people tasked with making sure we, along with our brothers and sisters, have access to appropriate treatment, should be trying to help us. Not trying to fuck us- physically OR figuratively. Look out for one another, folks. And as always, keep fighting the good fight.

Daniel Edelstein

Good evening, Crusaders. It has filled my heart with genuine pride and joy to see members of our community rising up as individuals as well as together against the tyranny that plagues us here in the South Florida recovery industry. As someone with a fairly extensive network for gathering intelligence/monitoring key players and their associates within the scene, I can assure you our work has shifted the Earth’s plates beneath the feet of every bottom feeder low enough to feel the tremors. And despite their desperate and futile attempts to escape the consequences of their own corruption, there are countless shockwaves yet to come. The truth shall always prevail over falsehood; the wrath of our God is inescapable.

Tonight’s exposure concerns a man named Daniel Edelstein. As of less than three months ago, Daniel was not only marketing for our friends over at CARE, but was also enjoying the benefits of operating consistently outside the law, a tradition which CARE marketers seem to pass to one another as freely as they pass narcotics, kickback money, and probably bodily fluid/blood-borne infections to their clients. Daniel Edelstein has proven time and time again to be perfectly comfortable with endangering the lives of his clients and peers as well as taking advantage of them economically, chemically, and sexually.

The man of the hour, Daniel Edelstein.

In the last two images above, you can see Daniel speaking to someone who is struggling with her addiction and in need of help. The girl complains that Daniel never paid him money he promised her for referrals, and in response, Daniel offers to use his position and contracts as a marketer to find her a facility which will illegally refrain from charging her rent in exchange for exorbitant insurance charges. Then, just weeks later, he offers to help the same girl obtain narcotics. Below I have attached more correspondence displaying Daniel’s illegal client brokering and support for the distribution of drugs and alcohol to potential clients.



In addition to brokering clients and facilitating struggling addicts’ drug use in order to pressure them to provide referrals, Daniel Edelstein has also been known to pay females in active addiction for sex: the hallmark of any trustworthy treatment worker.

Despite the repulsive nature of Daniel Edelstein and his “marketing” strategies, perhaps the most disturbing chapter of this story is the one unfolding currently. Daniel is now employed as an administrator helping manage accounts for Ultimate Analysis Labs, the Urinalysis laboratory owned by Frank Cid, who is the founder and CEO of Royal Life Centers. Now, folks, let me be clear- I have no reason whatsoever to believe at this time that Frank Cid is personally aware of Daniel Edelstein’s dark and insidious history within the treatment industry. While it has its flaws like any other company, Royal has stood up to my investigations and the scrutiny of this scene and community more resiliently and honorably than most. They seem to do vastly more good than harm for our struggling brothers and sisters and I do not wish to implicate anyone in criminality and corruption who is undeserving of such association. However, the fact that a pathetic, leg-humping, rancid colostomy bag like Daniel Edelstein could so quickly and easily be hired by an affiliate of a well respected establishment, in such close chronological proximity to his horrific crimes against his fellow humans, is undeniably a serious oversight at the very least. I sincerely hope that Frank Cid and Royal Life Centers revisit their decision to work with people like Daniel and do a better job of vetting potential partners and employees in the future.

So there you have it, Crusaders. I hope you are all staying safe and looking out for one another. You are all children and warriors of God. Stay active and determined, but be proud of the progress we have made. For our Creator sees all that we do, and to Him we shall all return.

Rob Cassidy & Wellness Center

Folks, as I have said before, I would be unable to do the work I do without help from those who seek the truth, who wish to bring light to the darkness, who have grown to love the smell of napalm in the evening. I could not operate without YOU, Crusaders. And tonight’s exposure arrives on the heels of a tip I recently received from one of our own.

Several days ago I was alerted to an advertisement for a halfway house that had been posted to Craigslist on August 8th. As you can see in the images I have attached below, the advertisement shamelessly broadcasts the fact that clients can live at the house rent free provided their insurance pays for IOP, which is illegal. Needless to say, this piqued my interest. I found myself wondering, what really goes on at this house? With which facility or facilities are they affiliated? And who the fuck is this dumbass “Rob”?

I began my investigation by opting to contact the advertisement’s poster, a feature conveniently featured by Craigslist, and an ability which, in tandem with Rob’s complete and utter incompetence in discretion, made my research exponentially easier than usual. Not only did Craigslist give me the usual encrypted email address at which I could contact Rob, but Rob had posted a phone number for himself as well. Thank you, Rob. I plugged the phone number first into two different search engines with no results before searching it on Facebook. Lo and behold, the number was indeed linked to the profile of someone named Rob.


However, as Rob is a common name and phone numbers change hands frequently, I felt that my attribution of the Craigslist post to this Rob in particular was too circumstantial for my liking and could use some solidifying along the way. Ideally, I would be able to link the Rob behind the phone number with the information available for Rob Cassidy, perhaps through his listed connections with both New Jersey and West Palm Beach. So I posed as Devon, a fantasy client at a nonexistent treatment center, and reached out from a burner number.


Above, Rob explains to me that his halfway is indeed affiliated with a PHP/IOP facility. He also adds that the house offers Suboxone maintenance and “Klonopin maintenance”, whatever the fuck THAT means. Last time I checked, legitimate addiction recovery establishments did not promote the maintenance of benzodiazepine dependence. While buprenorphine is only a partial agonist at the brain’s mu opioid receptors and therefore an acceptable and less drastically psychotropic alternative to heroin or other prescription opiods, clonazepam has a very high GABA receptor affinity and is not in any way a safer substitute for other benzodiazepine medications. In fact, clonazepam is rated as stronger overall than alprazolam (Xanax), with about the same potency but a LONGER half life. So treating benzo addicts with Klonopin could be compared to treating an alcoholic beer drinker with Jack Daniel’s, or a Vicodin addict with heroin. That’s not maintenance at all, that’s exacerbation. Let’s continue.

I tried to get Rob to agree to pay me. He declined. You win some, you lose some. But wait, there’s more!


“If you know what I mean”…

Above, Rob openly implies having access to a crooked doctor or doctors who prescribe every client narcotics without proper evaluation, and proceeds to joke with me about it.

From detox to PHP to halfway to detox. The shuffle is real, Crusaders.

Above, Rob offers to pay me per client if I refer my friends to him. Add brokering to the list of Rob’s confessed crimes.

New Jersey connection: confirmed.
West Palm connection: confirmed. Good evening, Rob Cassidy.

Folks, the list of crimes confessed to by Rob Cassidy in this conversation is vast. From client brokering, to crooked doctors, to IOP housing, Rob is on a roll. And one can only imagine what it’s like at a house where every single resident is strung out on opioids and benzos as per the wishes of the manager. Rob Cassidy, and his associates at the Wellness Center in West Palm, must be held accountable for throwing fuel on the flaming compost pile that is the South Florida treatment industry today. Stay away from this fraudulent fuck and his pharmaceutical house of horrors. And look out for one another. Stay golden, pony boys and girls.

Nick Garcia

Good evening, Crusaders. Tonight I’d like to cover someone about whom we’ve spoken before. Unfortunately this particular sphincter nugget was able to get his original exposure removed back some months ago when I wasn’t as Facebook rule savvy, but now that we have slightly more advanced methods of publishing, and since I’ve received so much new information concerning him, we’ll revisit this one.

In this exposure we’ll take a look at marketer Nick Garcia. Nick not only possesses an extensive legal record but also has a long, colorful history of body brokering, and continues his illicit patient poaching despite being already jammed up with South Florida law enforcement. If he continues junkie hunting any longer, I expect he’ll cast aside the Jordans and snapbacks once and for all in favor of roaming our streets in an African safari hunter outfit, elephant rifle slung across his back, rattling a prescription bottle of 8 milligram Dilaudids to attract his prey.

Nick Garcia has marketed for years under illegal contracts for treatment centers in California, Orlando, and all over South Florida, including Sunrise Detox and Palm Partners. Nick has been known to pay addicts to attend treatment (sometimes convincing them to leave other facilities) and facilitate potential clients’ drug use to attract them. Former “colleagues” of his report him smoking thousands of dollars worth of crack as well as having sex with clients on more than one occasion, all while operating Clean Time Anytime, his treatment referral service. Nick has also enlisted addicts strung out on drugs to help him collect money from people, buy drugs, and complete various logistical tasks for his own business and profit.

Also, get this, Crusaders. A few months ago while Nick was using drugs and simultaneously brokering clients for treatment centers, he was given a brand new 2016 model van by one of his employing facilities so he could work. Not only did the van contain a built-in breathalyzer Nick had to use in order to start the vehicle (clearly the facility which provided the vehicle was familiar with Nick’s style of outreach), but Nick was arrested after smoking crack and totaling it. All of this within weeks of renting another vehicle from a car rental company and returning it with the window shot out by a firearm. You really can’t make this shit up.

In addition to having sex with clients in active addiction, trafficking clients to fuel his own drug habit, mercilessly trashing vehicles, and evading law enforcement back in May, Nick continues to run from and deceive South Florida law enforcement agencies. After his arrest in May, Nick was ordered to attend treatment at Summit Behavioral Health in Haverhill, MA, then promptly return to Florida and report to Palm Beach County in order to face additional charges. Nick completed Summit’s program but neither reported to PBC upon completion nor informed them he was returning to South Florida. As of last week Nick was staying at a timeshare in Miami lent to him by the parents of a friend from back in Massachusetts. He returned here to continue illegally brokering clients and making money, without notifying the proper authorities of his presence as he was ordered to do by a court of law. It’s possible he may have left the state again since last week, but the information available to me suggests he remains in Florida in violation of the law, brokering clients in violation as well.

There’s really not much else that needs to be said about our friend Nick Garcia. This “man” has done nothing but harm the South Florida recovery industry with every chance he’s had to be involved with it. And he’s had a shit load of chances, folks. I’ve asked before, and I’ll ask again. Is this the type of person we want responsible for the lives and safety of our loved ones? I, for one, would rather eat a 50 lb bag of weasel foreskins than let someone like Nick Garcia anywhere near anybody I know or care about. We must be aware of the infection that has until now traversed the arteries of this industry so freely and uninhibitedly. And we must cleanse ourselves of it. Keep fighting the good fight, faithful Crusaders, and stay persistent in this struggle for good.

Solace House

Good evening, Crusaders. Many of us have grown unfortunately used to the abundance of flop houses in our areas. Houses teeming with clients in active addiction being used and abused for their insurance benefits are everywhere you look, managed from the top down by criminals seemingly incapable of being honest or responsible. Tonight I’d like to introduce you to a “sober living” facility in downtown Delray Beach which is no exception to this trend. This particular establishment goes by the name of Solace House.

Solace house was filed as a business back in 2013, just two years after its owner and founder, Adam Jasinski, was sentenced to federal prison time for using his winnings from the ninth season of CBS’s Big Brother to facilitate the illegal trafficking and distribution of thousands of prescription oxycodone pills instead of donating to an autism charity as he had claimed was his plan during the show. Now, we all make mistakes, folks. Nobody is perfect. And far be it from me to kick up the dust of somebody’s past sins when they have truly strived to better themselves and do genuine good for their community. However, the example of Adam Jasinski’s apparent history of willfully endangering the lives of his peers merely serves to accentuate the damage he, his facility, and his staff are currently doing here in Delray Beach.

So let’s take a look inside the reality of Solace House, listed on its website as an establishment based on “welcoming, recovery focused, sober living” with a “strong set of values, principles, and ethics” as well as a “zero tolerance” policy for drugs and alcohol. Solace currently operates a house for females managed by a man named Ryan Carnovale. Ryan’s Facebook claims he is from “Camden”, though his listed high school is Cherry Hill. Jasinski is also of Cherry Hill.

Adam Jasinski (left), and Ryan Carnovale (right).

Ryan helps Adam Jasinski not only by managing his female house, but has also more recently been assisting in the setup of an IOP facility, residential treatment center, male house, and a Suboxone license. So one can assume that the money Adam and Ryan make from sending clients’ UAs to their affiliated lab is considerable. Hell, it’s at least enough to motivate them to let clients with good insurance live at Solace rent free in exchange for their benefit money, which is against the law.

In addition to breaking the law by declining to charge some clients rent in order to line his and his boss’s pockets with money from insurance providers, Ryan Carnovale also deceives current as well as prospective clients and their parents about his own history, qualifications, and clean time. Ryan has claimed on numerous occasions to have three years clean, while in reality was in active addiction and using/obtaining drugs with future clients of his in New Jersey just several months ago.

Under the management of Adam Jasinski and Ryan Carnovale, Solace’s female house quickly became a flop house full of drugs and addicts using them freely and continuously. Ryan’s only concern is profiting from addicts, regardless of whether or not they are in an environment conducive to their safe recovery or whether he and the facility for which he works are endangering residents’ lives.

Folks, flop houses are a dime a dozen in South Florida. Up until now it has been far too easy for such facilities to operate above consequence in broad daylight, endanger and kill their clients, commit insurance fraud, and knowingly break countless other laws and agreements with clients and state officials alike. We must do whatever we can to make this kind of behavior as difficult as possible to pull off. When people become afraid, they become anxious. And when they become anxious they make mistakes. Their mistakes are amongst our advantages, Crusaders. The time has come for us to regain our power from these fermenters of fuckery, even if we must pluck these cowardly parasites from the decrepit taint of this industry one by one. We are all in this together. Look out for one another, and as always, keep fighting the good fight.

Shawtee Lamont Oates

Good evening, Crusaders. There’s something that gives me a great feeling of satisfaction in writing exposures on people who fuck their clients. How a supposedly “professional”, employed “outreach coordinator” can look at someone who came to them for help with a potentially terminal disease and get horny thinking about taking advantage of their desperation is truly beyond my comprehension. I’ve been sick and suffering too. But not that sick. That sort of behavior is another level of disturbing, and anyone who thinks and acts in such a fashion deserves to be recognized and summarily ostracized in consequence (not to mention arrested, at least in this digital doctor’s humble opinion).

Tonight’s exposure is a man named Shawtee Lamont Oates. Shawtee currently runs several sober living establishments in South Florida, but before that worked as a marketer hunting junkies for a number of facilities and institutions in the area. While working as a marketer, Shawtee was known to frequently have sex with his emotionally and physically vulnerable female clients. Many former clients of A Way & Means (now known as Life Change Recovery), for whom Shawtee used to market, repeat and confirm a myriad of stories involving Shawtee’s sexual relationships with struggling residents. How much of a fucking loser do you have to be to get your rocks off traumatizing other people?

In addition to taking advantage of female clients, Shawtee is also known for buying people narcotics and getting them high in exchange for their attendance at programs which pay him referral money. Between bribing addicts to enter treatment and facilitating clients’ drug use, Shawtee has countless crimes under his belt, and his former clients and their peers see him as being personally responsible for a number of overdoses.

Folks, the list of pseudo-professional, client-trafficking, sexually deviant fucks like Shawtee Oates operating in the South Florida recovery industry has been far too long for far too long. Awareness is key in this fight, and we must do our best to spread it as far and thoroughly as we can with the tools and methods available to us. Do not let your friends and loved ones anywhere near Shawtee or any establishment with which he is affiliated. Protect yourselves. Protect one another. And arm yourselves with the truth, for the truth shall always prevail over falsehood. Keep fighting the good fight, Crusaders.